Управление культуры и архивного дела Орловской области

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302001, Орловская область, Орёл, Комсомольская, 63
  • Регион: Орел и Орловская область
  • Район: городской округ Орел
  • Город: Орел
  • Категории:
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    В Орловской области жителям платят по 6000руб. в месяц а беженцам по 1800руб. в день. Получается выгоднее быть беженцем?

    А еще в России перестают дороги строить и ремонтировать, а деньги перенаправляют "на развитие Крыма". Нам еще всем аукнется такая политика.

    Помогите перевести текст на английский

    Ancient settlements in
    the upper reaches of the Oka
    Orel region has been inhabited since time immemorial. most
    early primitive people identified in Orel earth, refer to IV
    millennium BC. e . on the territory
    Glazunovsky region Orel region traces of ancient man
    found in the valley of the Oka, near the village of Tagin .
    Do Tagin where the valley widens considerably and Oka
    a vast expanse of meadows, on the east side are a large
    plateau rises above the water level by more than 30 meters. From the plateau to the river
    Valley juts high ridge of hills consisting of three interconnected
    jumpers. The length of this kind of " dam" , stretched from north to south ,
    is about 250 meters, and the maximum width reaches up to 55 meters . Overall
    Ridge area of about three hectares. The riverbed was held at the very first
    base plateau, making a loop at the ridge, and
    bathing her on three sides. At these high hills inaccessible spring
    the flood, since ancient times people settled . River served as their natural
    and protection from the beast, and from uninvited guests.
    About existed here ancient settlement survived to tell
    nowadays vintage hills name one of them, the north, known in
    local population called Ostrog, the other south, is called Barrow .
    Here in different years excavated many
    archeologists . First detailed survey conducted in settlements Taginskogo
    1907 I. Evseev, member of the Imperial Moscow Archaeological
    society. Later in the upper Oka worked expedition State
    Historical Museum under the direction of M. Fechner ( 1952 ) and two expeditions
    Institute of Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR ( TN Nicholas, 1973, and I. Frolov, 1975
    g ) .
    On the mound, archaeologists discovered scrapers made ​​of
    cracked and badly chipped stone, flint knives and finials, made ​​of bone
    ( spear and fork with two prongs ) and the remains of utensils
    nevymeshannoy and crude clay, crudely fashioned by hand, without a potter
    circle. These findings indicate the era of prehistoric man
    Neolithic - Late Stone Age.

    Увеличится ли качество жизни в России, если нас захватит НАТО?

    У меня - точно нет.

    Если они сунуться, то я начну их убивать и буду этим заниматься пока жив.

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